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Inspired by the concept of digital nomads of 21st century TUNDRA team delivers their first live performance based on various pieces and algorithms from their previous highly acclaimed audio-visual installations premiered across the globe from USA to China.

NOMAD brings the polar atmosphere of different TUNDRA site specific installations into randomly changing sequence of visual themes and patterns triggered by live-performed sound.

With their work they trying to swim against the tide of common misconception that perceives art made with sophisticated digital technologies closer to the entertainment industry rather than to the discourse on contemporary art. In NOMAD they follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of electronic art who in the 1960s used rudimental analogue and digital equipment to prove their audiences that the new media were oriented towards action, rather than contemplation.

Artists themselves play role of digital nomads being able to perform this piece everywhere but from the other hand tied to the specific venue where they transform it’s unique atmosphere into one sensory experience that has to be felt.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

1 x Full HD Video Projector

Brightness depends on the venue specifications and screen size. Full HD resolution required.

1x Projection Screen

Type and size of projection screen depends on venue specifications, aspect ratio 16:9.

Fog / Haze Machines

Depending on venue type and dimensions we request 1 or more Haze or Fog machines. The haze should be evenly and enough distributed for laser beams visibility during the whole performance. Please consult your rent company for best options.

1x Monitor screen Full HD 15-17” HDMI

Full HD computer monitor 15-17" with DVI/HDMI input.
(It should have an option of horizontal placement. All connectors should be placed the way they can be connected while lying horizontally on the surface. The back panel of monitor should be flat and not rounded)

1x Ethernet switch 1GB / 5 ports minimum

Minimum 1GB speed / 5 ports. Should be placed where the laser-projectors are mounted

2x Stage Monitors 1Kw

Stage monitors 1KW minimum. Prefered L-Acoustics, Martin Audio or equivalent.


1x long HDMI cable

enough length from the main projector to stage desk with equipment.

1x long PATCH cable RJ45

enough length from Ethernet switch to stage desk with equipment.

3x short PATCH cable RJ45

1m length for connecting DAC converters to Ethernet Switch, should be placed where the laser projectors and Ethernet switch are mounted.

2x 1/4 jack mono audio cables / DI-Boxes

audio-outputs from our RME audio interface, enough length from stage desk with equipment to FOH or using DI-Boxes
2x Power Strip with 6 sockets each (EURO sockets)
should be placed on the stage desk with equipment.

What the artists brings


  • AV Performance

Russia Saint Petersburg


Live Cinema Festival 2019
Live Cinema Festival 2019
Friday, 20 September 2019